I sit and wonder every single day where faith has disappeared to. Faith specifically in God our Eternal Father. As an American society it seems we have decided to brush away God. Brush off his teachings and follow our brother Lucifer.

Now I know that I have with that one paragraph made some leave my page. However, this is my voice. I am only one person, as is Lucifer, as is Christ. One person. That’s what makes a difference. ONE.

As we have been going through this pandemic of fear, because it really is, people seem to have forgotten the first two great commandants. Matthew 22:37-39, Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. These are our greatest commandments, yet EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I hear of, or have been treated, or see someone treating another badly. The same can be said for the first commandment. The respect and worship of God Almighty has diminished to almost null and void.

I have been pondering why we let fear rule our life. It’s valid, it’s necessary and sometimes even good, however it can become a crutch, a tool, and a weapon. I had a conversation recently with someone close to me. They told me basically that I was a bad mother if I didn’t “make” my kids wear masks. Is that accurate? 100% NO!!! However, did it hurt? Did it make me question my worth, parenting, existence? Yep. I also had another person tell me I wouldn’t make it Heaven if I did not vaccinate myself personally. How that hurt. My favorite part, these 2 people do not come to my home, they do not see me at home with my family, they do not actually “know” what goes on at my house, even if they think they do, yet they say hurtful, hurtful things. I find this disturbing. How can one be so full of fear they forget to “see” another?

Now, I am sure I have been in this quandary myself before. I’m not saying I haven’t. (Hello teenage years, and other difficult times.) However, I have found as I purposefully place myself closer to Christ and God that I am able to work through my feelings of fear and see people again. We are all on this path of wanting to make it to Heaven. We are all trying, whether we judge someone to be or not. We all fought the war in Heaven for agency. AGENCY. We as a people seem to want Lucifer’s plan at this time and want to dictate matters and take others agency away from them. Sad, so sad.

I am a firm believer that when given options, education, time, pondering, and through prayer, we can find our answers and make the best choice for us. God will lead us by his hand. None of us are likely to get the same exact answer and that it TOTALLY OKAY! I have always taught my kids that they get to choose. What to wear, what to eat, what to watch, whether or not to get baptized, whether or not to go to church, whether or not to wear a mask, get vaccinated, etc. These quandaries are a daily part of our lives. For example, when one of my children was deciding whether or not to be baptized, my husband and I clearly told them they did not have to be. It was their decision. We had taught them, given them information, told them to pray about it and left it to them. For a short time, this child chose not to be baptized. We were criticized by some for letting them choose, but if God states at 8 years of age they are capable of knowing right and wrong, I have the faith that he is correct. Eventually through their own personal prayer, they chose baptism. I have another child who as a teen has decided they are done with church. Especially the going to church. Well, we asked them to pray and ponder and let us know. Now, I don’t know if they actually prayed, but they chose to not go and we have allowed that. We have received criticism for this too. Last night, I had a child come to me and tell me they had been praying about mask wearing. My heart burst! This is my youngest child. They said they knew they were supposed to mask at least for now. Through tears, they said, but I don’t want to. As we talked, they helped me testify how sometimes it’s really hard to listen and follow the counsel to our prayers, but when we do, we are blessed.

Honestly, it does not matter what the choice is, or the heaviness you carry. When taken to the Lord and really working on building our faith in God, fear will leave, calm will come over you. I hope everyone will consider spending more time building their faith and less time worrying over a virus and what everyone else is doing. That my friends is the ONLY way to feel peace, calm, and happiness again.

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