I’m not so good with big changes. This year has been difficult for me. Lots of things out of my control keep changing. The worst part is that there’s no rules. No finite anything. I’m done with it. My body is done with it. I need things to stop changing. I need to not have to literally question every single thing I do, and at this point everything I think. I constantly worry about offending someone because I didn’t do something correctly, forgot something, or even just because I am completely oblivious. I feel like we have completely missed the mark. This whole thing has no definitive purpose. Does anyone actually know what the purpose is? There’s ideas and thoughts, but nothing is clear. People are losing their minds, their jobs, their humanity. All of this has become ridiculous. When will we open our eyes and stop? Just stop. I don’t know where anyone else is at, but I know that I am done. My family is done. This whole “pandemic” mindset shutdown government running your life and the constant barrage of negative news has GOT.TO.STOP. People need to be human again, not robots. We need to go back to a world where it’s okay to make mistakes and think differently. We need to go back to a space where we can get out of our cars or hold a gathering without worrying about a hundred things that might offend someone else. We need to be ourselves and be okay with who everyone else is. We are divided because we have lost our humanity. We need some love and understanding. Please reach out and accept others and their choices without judgment. Please try to accept that we all are doing the best we can, and it is really actually okay to fail and to fall. It’s perfectly acceptable to think differently. It’s totally not a problem to be different from everyone else. It is actually okay to not believe everything in the media. Most importantly it’s okay to be you.

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