Mother’s Day

Am I the only one who dislikes Mother’s Day? I mean really. It is supposed to be this celebration about motherhood, but does it really celebrate motherhood? Mostly I feel guilt on Mother’s Day. Guilt for all the things I cannot do, and can not accomplish, and the patience I do not have, as wellContinue reading “Mother’s Day”

When no one Likes Me

Recently, I have had too many opportunities to be reminded that I am not for everyone. Many people do not like my personality and many feel that I am too overbearing, that I insert myself where I am not wanted, that I have too strong of opinions, that I am too much of a perfectionist,Continue reading “When no one Likes Me”


Recently I was speaking with a neighbor of mine when I made an observation, in which I was also included. She turned to me and said, “It’s probably because they are afraid of what you might say.” She said it in an honest, but giggly manner. I tried to brush it off, but here’s theContinue reading “Misunderstanding”


I sit and wonder every single day where faith has disappeared to. Faith specifically in God our Eternal Father. As an American society it seems we have decided to brush away God. Brush off his teachings and follow our brother Lucifer. Now I know that I have with that one paragraph made some leave myContinue reading “Faith”