Mother’s Day

Am I the only one who dislikes Mother’s Day? I mean really. It is supposed to be this celebration about motherhood, but does it really celebrate motherhood?

Mostly I feel guilt on Mother’s Day. Guilt for all the things I cannot do, and can not accomplish, and the patience I do not have, as well as the love I cannot give.

Motherhood is hard. Downright the most difficult thing in the entire world, and the worst part is that it doesn’t matter how much time you dedicate to you children and family, they will always need more, and they will not say thank you, or appreciate you, or even notice your efforts. You will go to bed every night wishing you could have listened more, loved more, hugged more, been less angry and just more motherly. It does not even matter who you are, all mothers feel this way.

Another really difficult thing is that there are women out there who would give anything to be a mother and they want what you have, and you wish they could see how hard it is so they could appreciate what they have. You know it’s an unwritten rule, but still a rule, that those of us that are mothers are not supposed to ever complain about motherhood. I have lots of swears in reaction to that “rule,” but I will just say, you never know the difficulties if you have never been there. Does not even matter the situation, whether motherhood, or not being able to be a mom, no one understands what you suffer through and no one should tell you to not feel how you feel because they believe you “should” be grateful for what you have.

Here’s my advice to all the women, love each other. You know you will not get the recognition and the day you desire from those you wish would give it to you, so love the other women who surround you and support them in their Mother’s Day, and it will improve yours.

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