Recently my family has been experiencing many trials. Things that are sometimes so difficult to face that you just want to crawl back in bed and pretend it will all go away. This seems like a good idea sometimes, and for some days, it probably is.

Whenever I face times like these, I like to try to understand what I need. I like to think, what am I fearing the most? What has me so hung up I can’t let go? What am I so personally concerned about? All of these are important to consider, but also, what do I need right now? What is one thing I can do that will help me get through today? What can I personally do to right what’s wrong? Circumstances are just that, circumstances. They are not good or bad. What we do and think and feel about them can change everything.

I personally am working on my thoughts and feelings. There’s so much I can do to help me and help the circumstance not hurt so badly. I have power to change my world through my thoughts and habits and so can you. This is the best news, amazing really. We can do hard things.

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