Being a mother has to be the hardest job in the entire world. Not only did one sacrifice their body for the child/children they brought into the world, but it’s a mental sacrifice as you raise those said children.

It’s amazing to me that what I thought would be the best job in the world, seems to be the most difficult. Every single day I am told what a terrible mom I am, how I don’t listen or care, and how hated I am. Fun right?!! Yeah, when I was a child/teen I did not picture this as my life. I thought the kids I would have, would realize how amazing I am and how lucky they are to have a mom who cares. One who tries no matter how hard things get. One who does give her all.

Guess what? The kids do not see it that way. I guess they are a long way from appreciating what they have. I just hope at some point they do, because if they don’t, what was it all for anyway?

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