January is a time where we seem to consider where our health stands. Isn’t that interesting? We have 11 other months to care and we seem to consider our bodies, minds, diets, life choices etc., only in January. Mind boggling.

I have been on a health journey for many years. I have had many struggles with my body. The journey has brought many things to my attention. One is that we could consider our health, minds, and more daily. What would happen if we did this? It’s quite the consideration.

What if you woke up every morning curious about how you were going to influence your body for the better that day? What if you thought, “What is one thing I can do to improve my body today?” Do you think that would change anything? I do.

If we were to consider one thing, no matter how tiny, that we could do each and every day to improve ourselves, I think we would start seeing dramatic changes in our lives. Little things are what influence and start big things. We don’t eat an elephant in a day, we do it a bite at a time. Facing and organizing our health is the exact same.

Fads, crash diets, crazy workouts, and more, these end up failures because we are trying to drastically change who we are and it’s not a long term feasible thing we can do forever. It’s why we haven’t found the “magic formula” or “pill” that will change us immediately and forever. We are beings who build ourselves and change our habits ssssllllloooowwwllllyyy. If we try to rush like the hare, we don’t win like the turtle.

Our minds and our bodies love and accept gradual change. I want you to consider what you see feasible. What you know you can do to help you each day. I would love to hear what it is. I personally am focusing on my breathing today. Taking 5 minutes to make sure I am breathing properly and helping my body get the oxygen it needs to function. This will be best for me because I have a lot of stress going on in my life. Breath will help me be calmer. What’s your small thing?

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