Scout Mom

My boys love scouting. I always wanted to be a scout and loved interacting with my brothers and the troop they were in as a kid. I was seriously so excited to have my boys in scouting.

Scouting has changed for us this past year, and now parents are WAY more involved. I was involved before, but now I have been on two campouts. I have to say camping with a troop is a mixture of a nightmare and a blessing. There are sometimes too many “cooks in the kitchen” with the amount of parental “help” we have. However, I have enjoyed building new relationships and watching my boys grow through the experience.

Currently I sit as my boys and the other troop kids are at merit badge classes. I’m enjoying a bit of time AWAY from everyone. This is scary for me. I have been camping before, but always with someone whom knows more. My boys are looking to me for guidance and I just don’t know if I can cut it. I do like helping them, but I also want to run away from them. Haha

On our way home from our last campout my oldest said, “Mom, this was just what I needed. A few days in the mountains and now I can face my week ahead.” Melted this mommas heart! I hadn’t loved no running water, no flushing toilets, absolutely DISGUSTING out houses, and he made the whole trip worth it with those few precious words. I hope my boys know what a sacrifice this is for me and how much I absolutely love them and would do it again to make them happy.

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