So… I got a dog. Well not just me, it’s for the whole family, but let’s be real it’s my dog. You know the worst part? I’m terrified of dogs.

For all the dog lovers, no I didn’t have some traumatic experience with a dog when I was young, no my parents do not say I did either. I just have always innately been afraid of dogs. Doesn’t matter the size, or the breed I am scared. Why in the world would I then put a dog in my house? For the love of a child.

I have a child who struggles with anxiety to the nth degree. He is in 7th grade and is so anxious about school that it’s causing real problems for him. I got down on my knees and asked God how to help him. He said a pet would help. I’m thinking great I could do a bunny or a cat. I was not smart and went to my son and asked him what kind of pet he wanted, he said dog. I should have asked would you like a bunny or a cat? I went back to God. “I cannot do a dog. You know I cannot do a dog. Now what?” God was gentle with me and said to get a dog. Great I thought. My fears are coming true. Hell is freezing over. I’m getting a dog. I started talking with my husband about the possibility and what would be best, how it would help our child, all of those things. I started doing research on breeds, house dogs, puppies vs. adult dogs, etc. etc. I then started committing to it. I started looking for a dog that would fit our family. Biggest issue was becoming price. The breed I decided on runs really expensive. I couldn’t find an adult one either, realizing that it was a bad idea for me to have a puppy. I prayed again. “God, you said this was the right thing for my son. If it’s meant to be, please make it work out.” Not many days after that prayer I found one on a classified ads website. “Cavalier King Charles, 3 years old. Needs a new home, we’re moving and cannot take him with. $200.” What? Wait! Read it again. Adult, and affordable. Shots up to date, neutered. I was getting a dog.

We picked him up, and I was nervous about it. Still am. We have had him for 5 days. I have eaten my feelings, missed my workouts, cried, been questioned as to my sanity, walked a dog, worked on training a dog, petted and loved a dog, called a groomer, purchased dog things, let a dog poop in my yard, be in my house, and love my kids. It has been a LONG and very difficult five days. It seems to be okay. I love my son. He has had a better week. I will continue to try to stifle my fears, because I love my sweet boy.

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