Who is Rachel Lyn?

A beautiful woman with beautiful talents, wanting to be heard.

I am a young 40 year old woman. I am religious and Christian. I have a husband whom I have been faithfully married to for 20 years, and will forever be with. I have three lovely children-from my own body, who give me a run for my money EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I have the best job ever, being a mother. I am a housewife forever and always.

Why start a blog?

  • My entire life I have been told that it is better for me to be seen and not heard.
  • I have things to say, and I am important, valued and have my own voice.

I hope to convey how much I love my family, friends, religion, and my life. I hope as I share my small, but significant journey here on this Earth, that I will touch the life of someone who needed a boost, or just to feel they are not alone in this world. All too often we feel lonely and underappreciated. God sees and loves us all.

This is a personal blog, not affiliatied with any church, state, politcal game etc. I will just place my own opinions and thoughts here. They may or may not fit within the ideas and realms of others, because they are mine.

  • I will write about anything that seems important to me at any time on any given day.
  • I hope to connect with others who feel similarly to me, or those who would like to learn more and be open and honest to new ideas and feelings.
  • I also hope to learn and grow as I consider what I write and how I influence and affect others.
  • I hope to bring joy and happiness to those around me through my words.

We all have choices in life, and this is one of mine, to finally be seen and heard. I hope you enjoy my blog and find some things that you are able to process, enjoy and relate to.

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